You will never look at your son, or your parenting, the same again!

Commit to around 30 minutes a day, for 4 days.  Your understanding of yourself as a parent and your child as a male, is going to drastically change. Guaranteed!

Here's how:

  • you will discover your own unconscious gender biases, and find out how they are negatively impacting your parenting, PLUS the solution to more intentional, effective parenting                                                                                  
  • you will acquire new strategies that will alleviate some of the frustrations and parenting struggles that often come with raising a boy, and create a deeper emotional connection with your son.
March 8~11, 2022
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Unlock the secrets
to intentionally parenting your son
to become a remarkable man.
Is thisChallenge for you?
Ask yourself a few questions.

Do you feel you are doing your best to raise your son?

Are you constantly looking for answers, guidance, strategies and skills to be a better parent?

Are you open-minded and curious to see if there is something you don't yet know but could make the emotional world of your son so much better?

If you could answer even 1 of these questions, you deserve to join this challenge and start a new chapter in your parenting.
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Here are a few reasons your son needs you to join this challenge:
  • he is receiving conflicting messages from the world on what it means to be a boy                                                     
  • his self-esteem is fragile and he needs his parents to deeply understand his emotional world                                   
  • at school he feels like square peg trying to fit into a round hole                                                                                 
  • he is starting to understand that he has to wear masks because if he is vulnerable and exposes his real emotions, he will be embarrassed and shamed.                     
  • he communicates and behaves differently from girls but is starting to feel he is just doing things wrong.
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