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Your sessions will give you the chance to share your challenges and reflect on your current parenting patterns. You will learn about the special considerations needed to be understood in order to raise compassionate, caring males. No matter what is going on in your world, it is my goal to help you find a way to create a more calm and harmonious family dynamic. It is my aim to help boys be their wonderful, true selves. We all do the best we can, with the tools we have on hand. Your parent coaching sessions will add on to those tools!

I am looking forward to working together with you!

Parent Coaching Sessions

Single Session

USD$100 / hour

1 hour session

This session is the first step after our initial introductory conversation.

This is the best choice for parents looking for support but unsure of what their future needs might be.

This single session option is also for parents needing a follow-up meeting after our parent coaching relationship has been established.

Four-session Bundle

USD$80 / hour (save 20%)

4 x 1 hour sessions

Purchase 4 sessions (to be redeemed within one year of purchase date) and commit to holding yourself accountable to your new parenting goals and staying connected as new challenges occur.

Free Consultation


30 minute meet & greet

This is a complimentary 30-minute session for you to ask me questions. This is also a time for you to share a bit about the challenges you are facing so that together we can decide if parent coaching is a good fit. 

Check-In Session*

USD$50 / 30 minutes

30 minute session

When you just need a quick fix, a kind of one-off situation, or simply want an understanding and confidential ear, this is for you.

*This option is available to any parent who has had at least 3 coaching sessions already.

Online Courses

Advanced: 7 Superpowers Parents of Young Boys Need


Raising a boy in the 21st Century requires not only finely-tuned parenting skills but also the passion to discover the inner emotional world of your son and acquire the strategies needed to support him into becoming a remarkable man.

What will happen when you find those SuperPowers?

The Blueprint: How to Intentionally Parent Your Son


Are you ready to discover your son’s emotional world? To do whatever it takes for him to grow into a remarkable man?

Welcome to the parenting course that will completely change your ideas for raising a boy in the 21st Century!

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Let me help you understand your boys and how to parent more effectively. Knowledge about boy specific issues will be a game changer.