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For busy parents raising their sons to become remarkable men.

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Your sessions will give you the chance to share your challenges and reflect on your current parenting patterns. You will learn about the special considerations needed to be understood in order to raise compassionate, caring males. No matter what is going on in your world, it is my goal to help you find a way to create a more calm and harmonious family dynamic. It is my aim to help boys be their wonderful, true selves. We all do the best we can, with the tools we have on hand. Your parent coaching sessions will add on to those tools!

I am looking forward to working together with you!


The Sonhood Society Membership & Community

USD$22 / Month

Online Courses

In this course you will discover seven key areas that can trigger conflict at home when not understood. You will deepen your understanding of the emotional world of boys and how best to support it. You will become an advocate for your boy.


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The first seven years of your son’s life are critical to set the stage for the way he feels about himself and his world. Intentional parenting is critical.

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Your son’s self-esteem can be a game changer in the quality of his life and his sense of happiness & optimism. Learning exactly what it is, and how you can support and grow his self-esteem will equip him with a powerful base to experience life.

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This unique stage of human development is full of extremes. The intent of this course is to give you a glimpse into the world of your tween & teen sons so that we are parenting with compassion and understanding.

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Communication is critical for deep and rich connection.

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Unconscious gender bias impacts how you are parenting your children. This course helps you become aware of where that happens and how you can use strategies to ‘break the mold’.

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This webinar shows the steps to follow after your son has a major emotional experience.

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Parent Coaching Sessions

Your Personal Parent Coach Package

Bonus #1: Access to aligned parenting resources in the Sonhood Society membership for 12 weeks.

Bonus #2: 3 Months free membership in the Sonhood Society membership upon coaching package completion

Transform Your Parenting & Connect with Your Son in a Whole New Way!

Check-In Session*

USD$50 / 30 minutes

30 minute session

When you just need a quick fix, a kind of one-off situation, or simply want an understanding and confidential ear, this is for you.

*This option is available to any parent who has had at least 3 coaching sessions already.