Parent Coaching

Parent coaching is a positive and practical collaborative process between a parent and a coach with the goal of cultivating a more positive relationship with our children, customized support and advice based on your individual family needs and reflecting on current patterns of parenting to unravel triggers and develop a realistic plan of action.

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The Fishing Trip That Rocked My World!

When I came upon Dr. William Pollack’s book, Real Boys, I had no idea that my world was going to be turned topsy-turvy…

No Son of Mine!

Why do we react so strongly? During the 1970s I was working in a progressive day care setting in Canada. It was not uncommon to have little boys arrive with..

The Toxic Male

The term ‘toxic male’ originated in the 1980’s from the mythopoetic men’s movement. This was a movement founded by men for men that grew as… Read More »The Toxic Male

5 Secrets I Know About The Man I Married

The added bonus of understanding about the world of little boys that had a powerful positive impact on understanding big boys, too.

Timed Silence

Boys often need time to be silent before they are ready to share their feelings, especially after an emotionally charged experience. Boys often need time… Read More »Timed Silence